Grand Re-Opening January 2


NEW STUDIO: 951 Gordon St (beside Manhattans Pizza) Doors Open January 2.

It’s been a busy couple of months for us here at Nighthawk Tattoo with everyone working like crazy to get  the shop re-opened for you. Those of you who have  gone through a renovation before likely understand how frustrating it can be at times — a small delay here and there can all add up —  and suddenly a week or more has disappeared just as another delay shows up. But despite the occasional frustration, it’s been a priority for us to set up our new studio just right.   As our business and clientele continue to grow, it’s important to us to be able to offer you the top quality services you expect from Nighthawk in a space that reflects that commitment to excellence. And that’s exactly what we’ve been able to do at our new location.

Nighthawk Tattoo has been setting the standard for body art in Guelph for over 20 years.  This move allows us to continue to provide the best in tattooing, piercing and state-of-the-art tattoo removal services that we’re famous for, in a better, brighter location with free customer parking and wheelchair accessibility.  We also know that a huge portion of our client base live in and around this area, which means convenience and ease when it comes to your next visit to Nighthawk Tattoo!

Which brings us to an exciting announcement: The doors of Nighthawk Tattoo will be open for business on Friday January 2. We invite you to come by, check out the new space, book a tattoo, get a piercing, whatever tickles your fancy! We look forward to seeing all of you again, and soon!


We haven’t forgotten about you!

Working around the schedules of City Inspectors, contractors, plumbers and electricians has made it difficult for us to know exactly what date we’d be opening again, and so we haven’t always been able to give you an answer for when your tattoo could be rescheduled.  With the majority of disruptions over now, our staff is in the process of contacting clients with pre-existing tattoo appointments to reschedule you at your convenience. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions in this regard.

Again, thank you all for your ongoing support during the move and renovations. We have the best clients in the business, and we love you for it. See you very soon!

Laurie, Mac, Mark and Sally

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