People are often amazed that in a few short years, tattooing techniques have evolved from simple, thick lines with primary colours to highly detailed works of inspiration. These are some examples of the variety of images people have chosen to express themselves.

Laurie’s Work


Mac’s Work


Tattoo Removal


lasermachinelasercloseSafe, affordable, professional tattoo removal is now available! Book your treatments today with Zap A Tattoo.

Whatever your reason to remove your tattoo (to make room for new work, to erase that youthful mistake, etc) we offer safe, simple and effective laser ink removal with our expertly trained Laser Technician, Sally Watson.

No stranger to the body modification industry, Sally has worked at Nighthawk Tattoo since 2008. Expertly trained in laser tattoo removal, Sally offers her skills coupled with the latest in laser technology to allow her clients a fresh start and freedom from past tattoo misjudgements.



Fantastic progress on this tattoo removal, showing the results after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd treatments with Sally.