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All materials used for piercings by HOLES are completely sterilized (heat/steam/pressure). Needles are used ONCE only and are disposed of in a sharps container. All jewellery is either implant-grade stainless steel, titanium, or 18kt gold.

We are now doing all piercings under the mask (lip, septum, nostril piercings) and all related services!


Body Piercings are ONLINE appointment based. Options include booking a PIERCING (getting the piercing done), TROUBLESHOOTING (problems with an existing piercing, jewellery issues, etc) and CONSULTATIONS (thinking of getting a piercing and wanting to bounce ideas etc). Booking is quick and easy, just click the above booking button and off you go. Please arrive on time, or even a couple of minutes ahead if possible, to fill out paperwork and to choose jewellery etc. If you are late for an appointment it will be cancelled on you, and you’ll need to book again. Thanks for understanding!

Mark McAlpine

Our Body Piercer, Mark McAlpine, has been working at Nighthawk Tattoo since 1996. Mark offers his clients a wide range of top quality piercing jewellery, as well as an excellent selection of large gauge and unusual body jewellery. Don’t see what you want? We can happily custom order a range of beautiful hoops, studs and other jewellery items from our distributors.

Whether this is your first piercing, or your fortieth, Mark is always happy to assist you, and his extensive body piercing experience and friendly, expert technique will put even the most nervous client at ease.


Yes! Mark has a fantastic reputation in the community as the go-to-it piercer for parents with younger children wanting their ears pierced. We do NOT pierce babies or toddlers, but if you and your child have decided together that getting an ear piercing is a good idea, Mark is the person to come to. To book an appointment for your child, aged 5 and up, click HERE. Nighthawk Tattoo is proud to offer a safe, calm and  comfortable piercing experience for both parents and children alike.

Feel free to call the shop to find out more about getting your child’s ears pierced.

ohno   “Oh no, my piercing came out too soon!”

Don’t panic! If you’ve removed your jewellery (deliberately or by accident) before your piercing has fully healed, you’ve likely just discovered that you can’t  get it back in easily. It’s not unusual for people to get their jewellery in half way, or 3/4 way in before coming to a dead stop.  Please don’t spend half an hour or more trying to shove it back in, as you’ll only end up injuring yourself or cause the hole to swell shut, which will make any future attempts even more painful or futile.

Our advice is to seek professional help — if you’re able to make it back in to Nighthawk Tattoo to see Mark, try not to wait too long. Even after a day or two a young piercing may start to heal over. If the jewellery has come out over the weekend or during a time when our piercer is away, please seek out a reputable shop in your area to get assistance.  A professional piercer has the tools and the experience to safely and cleanly re-insert your jewellery, or advise you of your options if the jewellery can no longer go back in.  Keep in mind, your piercer will do everything they can to help, but sometimes it might be too late and you may have to pay to have the piercing eventually redone all over again.

Our best piece of advice: Take care of and be careful with your brand new piercing. Follow the aftercare advice your piercer has given you (and ignore that friend who is telling you it can be switched in two weeks!) Avoid situations where your piercing is getting caught or injured from clothing or the environment around you.  A few simple, mindful precautions early in your new piercing’s life will go a long way towards giving you a happy, well healed body piercing for years afterwards.

Check out this gallery for up-to-date pictures of recent piercings and tattoos from Nighthawk Tattoo:

Below are some “classic pictures” (meaning old ones from our original piercing books!). Do you recognize yourself from nearly 30 years of pictures? Enjoy!








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